A few words about the main types of dental tools

Anyone who has ever been to a dental clinic definitely wonders how many different tools dentists use during dental treatments They use all these equipments in order to provide excellent service to their patients.

Examination is the basic process in any dental treatment. A dentist examines the dentition and tissues with the help of such tools as:

Dental Mirrors. They are used when the dentist needs to look at the area located behind the teeth that is difficult to see from the front on angle.

Probes (sickle probe, periodontal probe and straight probes) They are used to measure the depths of gum pocket in order to evaluate the health of gum tissue.

Retractors and props help to keep the patient’s mouth open in order to get a better access to a definite area.

Besides, the work of a dentist is impossible without high/low speed drills, friction grip, surgical hand pieces that are used to cut away tooth.

In order to smoothen rough edges of the teeth dentist use dental burs. They can be of different types, classifications and shapes, for example, round bur, latch type, Flat fissure, pear-shaped, football, round, tapered, flame, chamfer, bevel, bud bur, steel, inverted cone, diamond, brown stone, greenstone.

With the help of restorative instruments dentists or dental surgeons do the following restorative dental treatments: composite fillings, crowns, dentures and fixed bridges. There are such tools as:

Excavators are used for removing of the soft decay in the mouth. Pluggers are utilized to plug the nerve canal after the nerve extraction. Periodontal Scalers (curettes, ultrasonic scalers) are used to clean and remove dirt between teeth. Burnishers can also beof various types(flat plastic, ball burnisher, beavertail burnisher, cone burnisher, J Burnisher, pear shaped burnisher). They are used for filling of cavities.

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The reasons of tooth removal can be various. One of them is tooth decay. In order to perform extraction dentist use:

Dental Forceps. They can be classified according to different types. Their primary function is grasping the tooth and its extraction.

Elevators are used in such procedures as tooth and membranes separation, extractions, loosening teeth and others They come in different types.

The sphere of chisels application is veterinary dentistry. It is also known as dental hoe. Chisels refer to instruments for cutting and preparing bone.